A Very Digital Christmas

“A Very Digital Christmas,” by Digital Soldiers

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Press Release:

Synth-Pop Group Digital Soldiers Unveils First Christmas Album

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Long Beach, CA (Nov. 1, 2017) Synth-pop group Digital Soldiers unveiled their first Christmas album featuring an eclectic mix of Pop and Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and three original holiday tunes penned by the group. Recorded in West Hollywood, Long Beach, CA and Chicago, “A VERY DIGITAL CHRISTMAS” features collaborations with Yazoo tribute band SITUATION and members of Crush 333.

About Digital Soldiers:

Digital Soldiers formed in 1994 when Marss Ramos and Mark “Iowa” Ortega met through a mutual friend. Their musical passion was instant as they loved Erasure, Pet Shop Boys and EDM. Paula Flowers was soon added for her soulful diva vocals. Lorie “Madeve” Madison came into the group in the early 2000’s to top off an already dynamic band.

More About The Project:

During the 2015 Christmas season, Marss Ramos approached Mark Ortega about recording an EDM six song Christmas EP. Already having a song in mind, Ortega began writing what would be one of their originals called, “This Christmas Moment.”

“I had parts of a love song in my head,” said Ortega, “and then I re-wrote the chorus and verses to fit a Christmas theme.”

“Writing the second verse was very emotional,” Ortega continued, “as it was written between the tragic events at Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub and the shootings around the nation this past summer.”

“At first, the second verse was going to be solely a remembrance of my mother who loved Christmas and for Marss’ grandmother who he lost earlier this year,” Ortega said. Ultimately, Mark believed the song needed to include a “worldly” tone. “Remembering loved ones who are not with us is the song’s message,” Ortega added, “while honoring those devoted to peace such as our women and men in the armed forces, first responders, and peace officers who will not be with their families on Christmas Day.”

“The song is not intended to be somber or overly melancholy,” Ortega adds, “But let us live and love in the moment with family and friends at Christmastime.”

Another original, “It’s Christmas Morning,” was written by Ramos and Ortega back in the early 1990’s. “Christmas has always been such a wonderful time for our family,” Ramos recalls. “I remember putting on holiday shows during our family Christmas get-togethers. I wanted to capture the joy and merriment that many people feel around the holiday.”

The final original, “Santa Bring My Love Home,” was the first song that Lorie Madison, Ramos and Ortega collaborated on together. Set to a 60’s feel, the original song highlights Madison’s affinity for Diana Ross.


More About Digital Soldiers

Digital Soldiers have performed throughout Southern California including LGBTQ events at Palm Springs Pride, San Francisco Pride, L.A. Pride and were honored to be the last local band before The Motels, Berlin and Taylor Dayne appeared at Long Beach Gay Pride in 2003. Members have also performed in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Austin and Chicago.


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Digital Soldiers Christmas

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Digital Soldiers, “A Very Digital Christmas.”